The Smart Way for Real Estate Agents to Keep Their License & Create Passive Income.



Referral Hounds is a dog-gone smart way for real estate agents to keep their license active and make referral commissions.

Your potential clients will be well cared for by top dogs and you get paid. 

We know you are one smart puppy. How? Because you are here!


smart dog

Bury fees forever.​

Sit. Stay. Make money.​

dig for referrals

Stop digging yourself into a financial hole and shed those bad feelings and bury dues, and fees forever!

Why not use your real estate license for something paws-itive? Can you answer “yes” to any of these questions?

  • Do you ever feel dirty and tired from hounding your friends and family to buy and sell real estate with you?
  • Are you dog-gone tired of paying fees and dues?
    • REALTOR® Associations
    • MLS fees
    • Lockbox fees
    • Brokerage fees
    • Transaction fees

If you answered “yes” to any of these  Referral Hounds is the brokerage for you!  Join the rest of the pack and start making money today

Referral Hounds is a brilliant idea. Real estate agents take a lot of time and energy to get their license and they have every few options to use if to make money if they stop selling real estate. I love this and I love dogs!
Justin Franza
Real Estate Agent

Referral Hounds is a nationwide referral brokerage. If you would like information on how to receive referrals in your state, CLICK HERE

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